Bruno Hare

Bruno Hare studied film at the Unversity of East Anglia. He went on to work in various parts of that industry, from casting to postproduction, before moving to Norway. His first book, The Three Monkeys, was written over a number of years in primary school, and did not make it to print. The Lost Kings is his first published novel. He now lives in London with his identical twin sons and their mother.

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The Wreck
The Lost Kings

Author Voices

October 21, 2010

Initially, I decided to write a book to see if I could. I’d often thought about it, and the time came for me to sit down and do it. Once I had made that decision, I knew that if I were ever to complete it I needed to write a book that I would want to read myself. I have been a fan of the Adventure genre throughout my life. Kipling, Rider Haggard, Conan Doyle, Stevenson – I gobbled up their books, and books by countless other authors whose popularity has not endured. When I'd exhausted the classics of the genre, I moved onto the likes of Flashman.

Also, being born in the age that I was, cinema informed my decision. From Fritz... see more