Carlo DeVito

Carlo DeVito is the author of more than 15 titles. He has written on history, sports, and wine. Carlo he has appeared on television dozens of times including multiple times as guests on CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX morning shows in New York, as well as throughout the eastern seaboard. He has been a featured guest on WFAN (both TV and Radio), ESPN radio, WCBS and WABC radio, WAMC, and more than 60 radio stations nationwide. He has edited and written more than a dozen books reviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, and other national newspapers. Previous titles include Mrs. Lee's Rose Garden, A Mark Twain Christmas and Inventing Scrooge.

Books by this Author

Mark Twain Notebook
A Jane Austen Christmas
Mrs. Lee's Rose Garden
Godfather Classic Quotes
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