Carrie Shuchart

Carrie Shuchart holds a A.B. in Social Studies from Harvard University and an MBA from Columbia Business School. She has previously been an editorial analyst at The Atlantic, a freelance television producer, and an entrepreneur. While at Columbia, she focused her efforts on Follies, the school’s semi-annual comedy show, for which she acted, directed, and made some pretty poor attempts at dancing.

She began teaching with Manhattan GMAT in 2008 as a way to fund her start-up habit and her shoe collection. Recently, Carrie joined the Los Angeles office of McKinsey & Co. as a consultant. She still can’t explain what the job entails.

A native of the First State, Chris Ryan has an A.B. in Physics from Harvard University. Before getting an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business (Duke), he taught high school science through Teach for America and later in private schools. At Fuqua, Chris was head TA of the core Statistics and Finance courses, as well as Curriculum Representative and FuquaVision co-president.

After b-school, he worked for McKinsey & Co. in New York, then joined Manhattan GMAT, where he now serves as the Director of Product and Instructor Development. In his spare time, Chris writes moody music, tinkers with moody screenplays, and occasionally hangs out with his wife Kathryn at home in Brooklyn.
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