D. J. Gregory

D.J. Gregory has cerebral palsy, which he refers to more as an inconvenience than an ailment. He attended Springfield (Mass.) College, where he earned bachelor's and master's degrees in sports management. He lives in Savannah, GA. This is his first book.

Books by this Author

D.J. Gregory's journey consisted of: 29 falls. 332 sodas. 280 bottles of water. 259 sports drinks. 988 miles walked. 80,077 miles traveled. 3,256 holes walked. One dream. And enough stories to last a lifetime.In Walking with Friends, D.J. Gregory, a thirty-yearold who has cerebral palsy, describes his year of traveling with the PGA tour and walking every course. For D.J., this experience has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream as well as a search for inspiration, but it has also become a...
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