D. James Smith

February 13, 2012
I'm busy finishing up a book of poetry for publication. I have lots of ideas for some books for teens though they are in the note-making stage. I spend most of my time right now working as a teacher with students in an alternative high school. I really am absorbed by this work and the huge problems these kids must face every day. I would like to get some writing done about them at some point in the future. What little spare time I have I spend with my wife and/or our German shepherd dog. He was an abused dog we adopted and have worked hard to socialize. He has come so very far. He is calm now and trusting and lives quietly indoors with us when we are home. That took quite a bit of training. I've told the little neighbor kids that his name was, Scout and that he was an incredible wonder dog. They thought I had said that was his name--that entire description. When we are out--I bicycle with him running along side of me--they come out shouting, "Come here, Scout the incredible wonder dog!"



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