David O. Stewart

David O. Stewart turned to writing after more than a quarter century of law practice in Washington, D.C., defending accused criminals and challenging government actions as unconstitutional. His first book about the writing of the Constitution, The Summer of 1787, grew out of Supreme Court case he was working on. It was aWashington Post bestseller and won the Washington Writing Prize for Best Book of 2007. Impeached had its roots in a judicial impeachment trial Stewart defended before the United States Senate, in 1989, and then argued to the Supreme Court. His most recent book, American Emperor, tells this astonishing tale, which traces Aaron Burr’s descent from made man to political pariah to imperialist adventurer. For more information about the author, go to DavidOStewart.com.

Books by this Author


Aaron Burr's Challenge to Jefferson's America

David O. Stewart takes a fascinating look at the young United States through the unlikely story of Aaron Burr, one of the most vilified and puzzling figures in our history.



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