Dean Crawford

Dean Crawford, author of Covenant and Immortal, previously worked as a graphic designer before he left the industry to pursue his lifelong dream of writing full-time. An aviation and motorcycle enthusiast, Crawford lives with his family in Surrey, England. Visit

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My Life in 8 Words

Author Revealed

Q. What is your motto or maxim?

A. Never quit.

Q. What 3 personal qualities are most important to you?

A. Honesty, good humour and common sense.

Q. Who is your favorite fictional hero?

A. Indiana Jones - no other screen hero comes close.

Q. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose to be?

A. The Cote D'Azure, South of France.

Q. If you could acquire any talent, what would it be?

A. Musical: I'd love to be able to compose epic movie soundtracks like John Williams or Hans Zimmer.

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