Ian Millthorpe

Born and raised in the mining community of Grimethorpe near Barnsley in South Yorkshire, Ian comes from a family of coal miners. After 26 years in the job he had to retire due to ill health. Since Angie's death in October 2010 , Ian has been a full-time father to his eight children.

Books by this Author

Angie and Ian were childhood sweethearts, Angie adored kids and, as one of eight children himself, Ian was only too happy to have as many as they could. After their marriage they had three sons in quick succession. But then, aged just thirty one, Angie was diagnosed with breast cancer and the couple had to accept they might not be able to have any more. Five years on, though, with Angie well again they went on to have five more. But in 2007, Angie had a shadow on her lung and it was the return...