A Super Quick History of Cheerleading

February 09, 2009
cheer-post-men.jpgMost people don’t know this, but cheerleaders were originally men. Cheerleading goes back to the very first college football game, between Princeton and Rutgers. Princeton students started chanting, “Rah rah rah! Tiger tiger tiger! Sis sis sis! Boom boom boom! Ahhhhh!” It became a student tradition, and soon the school appointed “yell leaders” who sat in the audience and lead said chants. The idea spread across the country, and in 1898 a University of Minnesota yell leader ran in front of the crowd to lead his chants. Cheerleading was born. cheer-post-1960s.jpgFor the next 40 years, male cheerleaders (usually elected by their student body) stood faithfully on the sidelines. It wasn’t until the World War II era, when women started filling the male void in factories and colleges, that female cheerleaders became the norm. Then in the 1950s came Lawrence Herkimer, the great grandfather of modern cheerleading. Not only did he found the first national organization for cheerleaders—he is also the mastermind behind the pleated skirt, pom-poms, and spirit stick. Wearing Herkie’s uniform, through the 50s, 60s, and 70s, cheerleaders became an American icon. In the early 1980s, the first cheerleading competition was held at Sea World, with teams from all over the country traveling to compete. It was an instant success. At the same time, high school and college gymnastics programs were under fire due to questionable coaching and high insurance costs. Many homeless gymnasts started finding their way into cheerleading, upping the gymnastic elements. cheerpost-now.jpgEver since that point, a new type of cheerleader has been emerging—the competitive cheerleader. Modern cheerleading is almost an extreme sport, along the lines of skateboarding or surfing. Today, cheerleaders build human pyramids where a single slip can send 12 people crashing to the mat. They perform partner stunts where women do Cirque du Soleil caliber acrobatics while balancing in the few square inches of their partner’s palm. They do basket tosses where a group throws a “flyer” 25 feet in the air. They say the adrenaline rush of performing these risky moves is what they love. And they keep on going even if they have a broken finger or a fractured rib. In other words, cheerleaders are probably not who you think.

All the Famous Folks Who Were Cheerleaders

February 09, 2009
A friend sent me this slideshow showing all the famous people who were once cheerleaders. There were a few on here I had no idea about. But since they also missed a few good ones, here is a comprehensive list of former cheerleaders who now run (or at least entertain) the world. The Presidents: George W. Bush (Andover, Yale), George Bush Sr. (Yale), Ronald Reagan (Eureka College), Dwight Eisenhower (West Point), Franklin D. Roosevelt (Harvard) The Celebs You Could Have Guessed: Katie Couric (University of Virginia), Madonna (University of Michigan), Paula Abdul (Los Angeles Lakers), Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Calista Flockhart, Ann Margret, Jamie Lee Curtis, Halle Berry (Bedford High), Sandra Bullock (Washington Lee High), Mandy Moore, Cameron Diaz (Long Beach Polytechnic), Meryl Streep (Bernard High), Natalie Maines, Alicia Silverstone, Sally Field, Reba McEntire, Kelly Ripa The Ones Who’ll Surprise You: Samuel L. Jackson (Morehouse College), Ruth Bader Ginsberg (James Madison High), Michael Douglas, Gloria Steinem, Steve Martin, Aaron Spelling (Southern Methodist University)



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