Valentine's Day is Almost Here!

February 11, 2010
What do you do to celebrate the big V-day? Are you a hearts and flowers kind of person with cards and chocolate? I have a confession (hanging my head, here) -- I'm not. I liked V-day in elementary school -- it meant candy and a bag full of cartoon cards. In junior high, things changed. Instead of getting a bag of cards from everyone else in the classroom, cards meant "I like you, do you like me?" Too fraught with emotional angst for me to get involved in. Unfortunately, my husband is one of the most romantic creatures on Earth (how did we get together? opposites attract, obviously). I have tried to think up a romantic V-day treat in the past. But we've been together a long time and I don't know what to do this year. A romantic dinner out? We don't like crowds. A day at the coast? Cold! Snow! Brrr. Sigh. What's an unromantic soul to do? Maybe I should check out the internet and see what other people are doing? Yes. Research. Finding out what the truly romantic are planning. Does anyone else have this much trouble planning for V-Day?


December 18, 2008
Simon and Schuster has kindly given me a place to introduce myself to my readers, so I am taking advantage of their kindness to fix a cup of hot tea, sit by the fire and have a little welcoming chat with anyone who might be curious about the writer behind stories like MUST LOVE BLACK and THE SALEM WITCH TRYOUTS. First, I love to ask why, and that's how I get my story ideas (this is a question authors often find annoying...although I don't, so if you ever meet me, feel free to ask me where I get my story ideas -- but be prepared to chat for a while, because TMI is my middle name). Or is that my middle initials? Hmmm. Last, I love to find out the answers to all the questions I come up with. Research can be fun, and I have learned the most arcane things just because I thought to ask questions like "What does a tornado sound like?" "What are the dangers of cheerleading?" and "What does it feel like to be in jail?" So, my tea is now cold and I have to get logs for the fire, or my wood stove will stop keeping me toasty warm. Thanks for stopping by! Kelly



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