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Kristin Bailey grew up in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley in California. In the course of her adventures, she has worked as a zookeeper, a balloon artist, and a substitute teacher. Now, in addition to an author, she is a military wife and the mother of two children and several very spoiled pets. Find out more at

Photograph by Katie Murphy

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My Life in 8 Words

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Kristin Bailey
Q. What is your motto or maxim?

A. Never give up, never surrender! - Galaxy Quest

Q. What is your biggest pet peeve?

A. People moving things on my desk.

Q. What 3 personal qualities are most important to you?

A. Loyalty, humor, and honesty

Q. What are your most overused words or phrases?

A. "Do you see what I'm saying?" and "Know what I mean?"

Q. What’s your fantasy profession?

A. If I could do anything, I'd design habitats and exhibits for zoos.

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