Mark O'connor

Mark O’Connor (b. 1945) is an award-winning Australian poet and environmental writer with a special interest in population. He is an editor of the Oxford University Press textbook Protected Area Management: Principles and Practices (2001). He is the author of This Tired Brown Land and co-author of Overloading Australia: How Governments and Media Dither and Deny on Population, the book which Dick Smith sent to all Australian MPs and mayors in 2010. He has taught at James Cook University, University of Aarhus, and the Australian National University, and has been the ANU’s H C Coombs Fellow, and thereafter a visiting scholar in its Department of Archaeology and Natural History. He has also been the Museum of Victoria’s Thomas Ramsay Science and Humanities Fellow, and served for a decade as National Vice-President of Sustainable Population Australia. Mark has published sixteen books of verse and is the editor of Oxford University Press’s Two Centuries of Australian Poetry. He is a frequent voice on a range of ABC radio programs. He blogs at

Books by this Author

Why vs Why is a unique series of small books that tackle both sides of the hot topics that pop up to confront, confuse and trouble everyone. Each book includes both sides of the debate on one hot topic. They’re written by two opposing experts in easy-to-follow language and format. The controversial topic debated in this book is: Big Australia, For or Against?