Hear about A Storm Too Soon

June 20, 2013
If you get a rainy vacation day on Cape Cod (or New Hampshire or Maine, in the next week), come to one of my presentations this summer.
Rather than doing boring author talks I try to recreate what happens in my true survival books using photographs from the storm & rescue with powerpoint. Please share with friends who might like to "escape" from their daily grind some evening!
2013 Programs Open to the Public
Date Time Place Topic

6/27 6pm Maine Maritime Museum, Bath Storm Too Soon
6/28 6:30pm Penobscot Maritime Museum, Searsport Storm Too Soon
7/10 7pm Taylor Community Laconia NH Fatal Forecast
7/11 7:15pm Springfield NH Historical Overboard
7/31 6:30pm S. Hadley MA Library Quabbin
8/1 6:30pm Hudson MA Library There’s A Porcupine in My Outhouse
8/12 7:30pm Tales of Cape Cod, Barnstable Storm Too Soon
8/20 7:00pm Waltham Library Storm Too Soon
8/21 6:30pm North Kingstown RI Library Storm Too Soon



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