Mondo Frazier

Mondo Frazier is a graduate of West Liberty State University, Mondo Frazier is founder/editor/writer at Death by a Thousand Papercuts and has published more than 2,000 articles online. Frazier also writes at Big Journalism, Bloggers News Network, and RadarOnline. He’s a native of Moundsville, West Virginia.

Books by this Author

Who is Barack Hussein Obama? Nothing in the last fifty years—make that the last 235!—has demonstrated the phenomenon of social mania, the madness of crowds, or the forces of irrational behavior as clearly as the events that led to the election campaign of Barack Hussein Obama. CAN WE AFFORD FOUR MORE YEARS OF LIES? In this astonishing and timely book, uncompromising journalist and political commentator Mondo Frazier raises unsettling questions about the smooth-talking man seeking...

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