Neil Mcgaughey

Neil McGaughey (rhymes with McCoy) is the author of The Best
Money Murder Can Buy
, And Then There Were Ten, and Otherwise
Known as Murder
. A full-time writer and nationally known mystery
critic, he reviewed mysteries for the Jackson, Mississippi, Clarion-
for more than ten years. A member of Mystery Writers of America
and Sisters-in-Crime, he lives in Mississippi.
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As Kyle Malachi prepares for impending fatherhood, his growing alienation toward his better known alter ego (the pseudonymous and nationally syndicated mystery critic Stokes Moran) leads him to a rash act -- he decides to kill off his fictitious rival. Despite vehement protests from his wife Lee Holland, Kyle places a simple announcement of Stokes Moran's death in The New York Times, bringing to an end a ten-year association with his more famous identity. Or so he thinks. Two days later, Lee...
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