Patrick Thias Balmain

Patrick Thias Balmain is a professional skier and snowboarder. In 1992, he created the first skwal, introduced the first commercially manufactured model, and established skwal races on the circuit of international competition. A ski, snowboard, and skwal instructor in Courcheval, France, he has trained countless practitioners, instructors, and competitors in Europe, North America, and Japan.

Books by this Author

Skiing can be a path to higher spiritual awareness, contributing to centering, ego effacement, and the search for perfect mental stillness • Shows how exploring and applying the laws that govern movement, practitioners gain access to the “right gesture,” the action that brings body and mind into balance • Includes nine “katas of the glide” that all skiers, snowboarders, and skwallers can incorporate into their own techniquePatrick “Thias” Balmain,...