Rick Porrello

Rick Porrello is a Greater Cleveland police officer with Mafia roots. He is also the author of The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia. Porrello began writing his first book during research into the murders of his grandfather and three uncles who were mob leaders killed in Prohibition-era, bootleg violence. The book quickly became a regional favorite. Porrello is an accomplished jazz musician and soloist, and spent three years traveling worldwide as a drummer for the late Sammy Davis Jr. With a degree in criminal justice, Porrello is a member of the Italian-American Police Officers Association, the National Writers Association, and the American Federation of Musicians.

Books by this Author

This true crime book is about an Irish bomber who waged war against the Italian mafia, soon to be a feature film starring Ray Stevenson.
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Kill the Irishman Movie Trailer

To Kill the Irishman by Rick Porrello is a true crime book about an Irish bomber who waged war against the Italian Mafia. Watch the Movie Trailer!! In Theaters March 11, 2011