Rohan Daft

Rohan Daft is an instinctive home cook who has spent many years in Spain, traveling from Ibiza to Galicia to find delectable recipes that make full use of the vibrant flavors that seasonal and fresh ingredients have to offer. Menú del Día is an affectionate and knowing salute to Spain, beautifully illustrated with elegant drawings throughout. It is the perfect way to bring real Spanish cooking into your home.

Rohan Daft sources Spanish ingredients for some of the best restaurants in Europe. He is a former staff feature writer and gossip columnist for the London Evening Standard and has contributed to numerous other publications. He divides his time between Andalusia, the north of Spain, and London and has cooked enthusiastically since being presented with a boxed set of the works of Elizabeth David and Len Deighton's Ou est le Garlic? at the age of twelve.

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The menú del día is Spain's equivalent of the prix fixe menu of the bistros of France. On it are good, no-nonsense dishes that are as long on flavor and tradition as they are short on pretension and fuss. Influenced by a unique blend of culinary and cultural influences -- wine from the Romans; rice, cinnamon, saffron, and cumin from the Moors; slow-cooked stews from the Jews; tomatoes, peppers, chocolate, and chilies from the New World -- these are the tastes that have made Spanish...
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