Serena Curmi

Serena Curmi was born in England and grew up on a sailboat, traveling with her family around parts of the United States, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean. She entertained herself on the boat by painting and drawing, which gave her the grounding to become an artist. Later she earned a degree in illustration from the Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall, England. She currently resides in London.

Books by this Author

Mama and Papa call their little Principessa bambina Bina, and Papa takes her picture every day. “Smile, Bina!” he says. Snap! Snap! Snap! Thousands of pictures! Then bambino Pasquale—Bino—is born, and everything changes. Papa doesn’t take pictures of Bina anymore; now he only seems to care about making Bino smile! Pooey! How Principessa gets her smile back is the heart of this charming story that is perfect for little ones and their new siblings.
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