Making Magic

November 17, 2008
One of life's most commonly voiced complaints is that the sense of adventure and possibility has fled.  Jobs become traps, relationships exhaust their umph, and our bodies lose their sense of infinite potential.

Life, art, work, and love go flat.  

The answer is to remember the little boy, or little girl inside your adult personality.  Deep inside, you're the same kid who used to spend all day watching a spider spin a web, or following ants, or helping Mommy in the kitchen, and think it was as grand as Disneyland squared.  

One of my very favorite writers and human beings, Harlan Ellison, said that "success is to bring into existence, in adult terms, your childhood dreams."

This is the secret.  To be certain that everything you write is an adult version of a childhood fable or belief.  That every day with your husband or wife you are connecting on the child as well as adult level--this is your playmate as well as your lover and helpmate: NEVER let yourself forget that.  And your body is a tool, a toy, and a pet--enjoy it, play with it, never let its maintenance degrade to simple mindless "exercise."  Every day at work, learn something new.  

If you will do this, let your child self peek out at the world through your adult eyes, every day is new and mysterious and filled with possibility.

Every day is another chance to make magic.




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