Ted Bell

Ted Bell is the former Vice-Chairman of the board and World-Wide Creative Director of Young & Rubicam, one of the world's largest advertising agencies. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Hawke, Assassin, and Pirate.

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Author Revealed

Q. Do you have one sentence of advice for new writers?

A. Read more.

Q. Is there a book you love to reread?

A. Huckleberry Finn, War & Peace, any Wodehouse anytime.

Q. What comment do you hear most often from your readers?

A. Is that really as fast as you can write?

Q. Where did you go to high school and/or college?

A. Randolph-Macon College, English major. Cambridge University, Visiting Scholar and Writer in Residence.

Author Voices

February 05, 2015

Whoa, slow down history. Everytime I think I 've got the jump on you,
you pull a fast one. Take Putin. I thought it couldn't get any worse and said so in my new novel, PATRIOT. I turn around and wham, you've shot down one of your own passenger planes. I mean, seriously, Vlad?

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