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Travis Sentell

Travis Sentell was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he works as a screenwriter, essayist, novelist, actor and playwright.
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My Life in 8 Words

Author Revealed

Q. What is your motto or maxim?

A. Comfort is the Enemy.

Q. What do you regret most?

A. Not having a clearer focus earlier in life.

Q. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your days, what would it be?

A. Veggie burgers. They're delicious, no matter WHAT you've heard.

Q. If you could meet any historical character, who would it be and what would you say to him or her?

A. I think James Madison would be a great person to have a sit-down with about forms of representative government. I'd be curious about his impressions of modern democracy.

And I'd like to tell a young John Kennedy Toole to hold on.

Q. With whom in history do you most identify?

A. Scary question! (don't say Stalin, don't say Stalin...) Man, there's no right way to answer this one, is there? Let's go with Tootie from "Facts of Life."



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