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Kristin Bailey
Kristin Bailey
Q. Do you have one sentence of advice for new writers?
A. Don't write in a vaccuum, because you'll learn the most about writing from other writers.
Kimberly Sabatini
Kimberly Sabatini
Q. How would you describe perfect happiness?
A. Living completely in the moment I'm in--no regrets.
Kris Kennedy
Kris Kennedy
Q. What were your previous occupations?
A. Psychotherapist; teacher; coordinator for dual diagonsis program; tie-dye shirt maker & seller; dishwasher; waitress;...

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Marion Dane Bauer
Marion Dane Bauer
The Child in the Adult, the Adult in the Child
And it is making contact with that real child still living within us all that connects us to our own humanity. What...
Carol Rivers
Carol Rivers
Affairs, intrigues, romances and adventurous liaisons!
Never read a book set in the wartime era? Don't fancy pages of drab, unvaried uniforms and regulation service wear? Plots...
S.G. Browne
S.G. Browne
16 Dos and Don'ts for Aspiring Writers
Writing advice is everywhere you look these days, from blogs to YouTube to 140 characters on Twitter. And a lot of it...

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My life in 8 words

Author Doodle by Linda Nieves-Powell
Linda Nieves-Powell
Hectic, exciting, stressful, fun, boring, impossible, full, magical
Author Doodle by Allyson Lewis
Allyson Lewis
Living a life with purpose and meaning.
Author Doodle by Sarah KilBride
Sarah KilBride
Slightly chaotic, quite noisy, always busy, never dull!
Author Doodle by P. W. Catanese
P. W. Catanese
Busy, rich, lucky, happy, hectic, rewarding and busy.
Author Doodle by Lisa Schroeder
Lisa Schroeder
Hot fudge sundae with a cherry on top
Author Doodle by Kristen den Hartog
Kristen den Hartog
rich simple, happy sad, hard easy, slow sofast
Author Doodle by Shelia P. Moses
Shelia P. Moses
My life as a writer is my life time dream.



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