What I'm Passionate About

November 12, 2008
The easiest way to achieve success is pursue whatever goals you have in life with a passion and child-like enthusiasm.  If you go through the motions or work at half speed, the endeavor often fails anyway and it certainly is not as much fun.  When my father who grew up in a poor village in central Anatolia was embarking for America in 1955, his mother bid him good-bye at the airport.  She had brought him several melons and sandwiches for the mysterious trip which she, having grown up in a village without motorized vehicles, had difficulty envisioning. Finally, as she kissed him good-bye, she admonished him to approach the pilot as soon as he boarded and insist that the plane be flown very close to the ground and extremely slowly.

So I treasure my passions and want to share the idea of Healthcorps.  Just like the Peacecorps, we recruit and train energetic college graduates, but instead of sending them overseas, we place them in our nation’s high schools to teach kids just a few years younger than them about their own bodies. In fact, we have created a mentoring system to embolden the richest resource of any nation—its youth—and turn them into activists for the common good. These kids audit their home refrigerators for trans-fats and challenge their parents. They ask store owners why no 100% whole grain bread is available. They push their schools to open up the sports facilities on weekends. The program has been widely supported and funded by both the private and public sector because Healthcorps is both good policy and good politics. Check our rapidly growing movement out at Healthcorps.org.



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