Regan Hofmann

Regan Hofmann is the editor-in-chief of POZ Magazine, the leading HIV/AIDS magazine in the United States. Before coming to POZ, she graduated from TrinityCollege with a BA in Creative Writing and held positions at CBS News, Young and Rubicam, Saatchi & Saatchi and Cliff Freeman and Partners. Hofmann is a native of Princeton, New Jersey, and currently resides on a farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey where she enjoys riding her horses.

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Author Regan Hoffman's personal story of surviving AIDS

The candid inspiring life of a straight, young woman with HIV who has everything to lose and ends up gaining more than she ever imagined.

Author Revealed

Regan Hofmann
Q. What is your greatest achievement?

A. Facing my greatest fear.

Q. If you could acquire any talent, what would it be?

A. Running a completely organic, self-sustaining farm off the grid.

Q. What’s your fantasy profession?

A. Fashion designer/race care driver

Q. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your days, what would it be?

A. Rice crispy treats.



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