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Sarah Tomlinson is a Los Angeles– and Brooklyn-based writer. Her writing has appeared in publications including Marie Claire, the Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe,, and She has ghostwritten nine books, including two uncredited New York Times bestsellers. Visit her online at and follow her alter ego, Duchess of Rock (@DuchessofRock), on Twitter.

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September 29, 2014

Today I received an email asking if my book, GOOD GIRL, is available on I doubted it would be, this far in advance of publication, but I checked, and it is! Any early adopters who pre-order now will have to wait patiently until April 21, 2015 to hold a copy in their eager hands. But this is the first step toward my first book joining the world. Very exciting stuff. Okay, now back to finishing my final edits, so it really can be in the world.

September 29, 2014

Sometimes I think I could edit forever. It's so sweet to enjoy these final days alone with my book before I hand it over to the highly skilled team that will help me put it out into the world. In case you were wondering, yes: Nerd.

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