Shelley Fraser Mickle

Shelley Fraser Mickle lives on a farm in Alachua County, Florida, with her two horses, Precious and Mullet. Barbaro: America’s Horse is her first nonfiction book and her first book for children. She is the author of several novels, including The Queen of October, a 1989 New York Times Notable Book; Replacing Dad, which became a CBS movie in l999; and The Turning Hour, which is taught in many high schools as part of the suicide prevention program the Turning Hour Project. She has been a commentator on National Public Radio for ten years, and many of her essays have been heard on Morning Edition. Some of these are collected under the title The Kids Are Gone; the Dog Is Depressed & Mom’s on the Loose. Her novel, The Assigned Visit, was published on Valentine’s Day 2007.

Shelley Fraser Mickle’s novel Jason and Elihu: A Fisherman’s Story, will be read schoolwide at Shell Elementary School in Hawthorne, Florida, in April 2013.

Books by this Author

He was bred to be a champion. He was born to run. Everyone said he would be one of the greatest racehorses of all time. Everyone said he would take a place in history next to Triple Crown winners like the fabled Secretariat. Then, in one sickening, heart-stopping moment, everything changed. Suddenly he was no longer racing for glory; he was fighting for his life. And the horse bred to be a champion became much more. He became a symbol of hope and courage for an entire nation.