Thanassis Cambanis

Thanassis Cambanis is a journalist who has been writing about the Middle East for more than a decade. His first book, A Privilege to Die: Inside Hezbollah’s Legions and Their Endless War Against Israel, was published in 2010. He writes “The Internationalist” column for The Boston Globe and is a correspondent for The Atlantic. Thanassis regularly contributes to The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and other publications. He is a fellow at The Century Foundation in New York City. Thanassis lives in Beirut, Lebanon, with his wife, Anne Barnard, a reporter for The New York Times, and their two children.
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Thanassis Cambanis: A PRIVILEGE TO DIE

Thanassis Cambanis explains why Hezbollah has emerged as the most dangerous, apocalyptic, uncompromising enemy for Israel yet.

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